Thanks to a breakthrough from the University of Oklahoma scientists finally discover...

The “Glue” That Makes
Memories Stick

In as little as 60 minutes — You can now supercharge your memory to that of a man or woman in their prime!

Dear Reader,

This tiny bead can fit comfortably into the palm of your hand...

It weighs 0.2 ounces...

And holds the secret to promoting a healthy, youthful memory...

... And a razor sharp wit.

The kind you had back when you were in your 20s.

And in the next few moments...

I’m going to show you how to use this tiny bead to supercharge your memory... all from the comfort of your living room.

As you’ll soon discover, this tiny bead belongs to a special herb... scientifically proven to eliminate the main cause of age-related memory loss[25].

That’s right.

In recent studies, scientists have officially pin-pointed the root cause of those awful “senior moments”[27].

I’ll show you what that root cause is in a bit...

But just imagine what this could mean for anyone suffering from “brain fog”.

You could finally enjoy life...

Instead of feeling embarrassed, and being a burden on your loved ones.

Imagine waking up every day with a clear mind. No more “brain fog” to clutter your thoughts.

You’ll remember things in a snap.

You could become fully capable and independent, in a relatively short amount of time.

And it’s all thanks to this tiny little discovery.

The best part?

The effects LAST!

Unlike most ingredients that fizzle out, and lose potency over time...

This thing continues to fight off age-related memory decline, with each passing day[19].

In my 25 year career as a health professional, I haven’t seen anything quite like it.

In my opinion, this remarkable discovery is the single greatest chance we have in the fight against age-related memory decline.

That’s why I’m excited to share it with you today.

In a moment, I’ll reveal what this tiny bead is...

And I’ll show you why scientists firmly believe it’s the glue that makes memories stick.

Because as you know, “senior moments” can really put a damper on your life.

You misplace your keys...

You forget why you’ve entered the supermarket...

You even forget — for a brief moment — the name of the person you’re talking to. The person standing right in front of you.

Aside from the embarrassment these “senior moments” cause... they can be very dangerous too.

Imagine forgetting to turn off the stove after you’re done using it.

You could burn down your entire house!

But this tiny bead has the power to change all that.

Imagine eliminating “brain fog” once and for all.

Instead of clutter, you could experience a calm, clear mind — day in, day out!

You never have to risk feeling “dumb” in front of others.

Imagine being able to keep up with fast-paced, complex conversations at family functions.

Imagine NEVER having to worry about why you started something — like walking into a garage, or the supermarket.

Can you picture what life would look like if you had the mental clarity of someone in their prime?

Once you unleash your brain’s full potential...

With the help of the ingredient that I’m about to share...

You’ll be THRILLED at what you’re capable of... and so will your loved ones.

Oh, and there’s one more thing...

After being tested on more than 3,000 subjects, over a period of 6 years, one of the biggest studies in the world of its kind showed there were virtually no side-effects[21]...

And NO prescriptions to fill.

In a moment, I’ll give you the full scoop...

But first, allow me to introduce myself.

My Journey To Uncover

The Startling Truth

My name is Dr. Donna Schwontkowski.

I’ve been a health professional for over 25 years, and hold multiple degrees including...

  • A doctorate in chiropractic medicine...
  • A bachelor’s and master’s in nutrition...
  • A bachelor’s in human biology, AND...
  • A master’s in herbologythe study of using plants as medicine.

Along with having been an editor for Health & Fitness Magazine for the past 12 years, I’ve also written 4 best-sellers.

Including a title called, “Million Dollar Memory for Names & Faces”.

For the past two-and-a-half decades, I’ve helped thousands of patients regulate a healthy lifestyle with my alternative methods.

Unlike most doctors, I prefer to get to the bottom of the problem...

And find a REAL solution...

Rather than just putting a Band-Aid on the symptom.

That’s why I was shocked to learn that age-related memory issues were the #1 concern among middle-aged Americans.

Now, I should probably tell you...

I’m no stranger to “senior moments”.

I’ve had my fair share of “brain fog” throughout my life.

And I can attest, not only is it frustrating...

It can be very humiliating too.

Every time I’ve forgotten a phone number that I’ve dialed thousands of times... or... the name of a nearby restaurant that I’d frequently visit...

...Or the times someone would politely remind me...

“You’ve Told That Story Again... Remember?”

I’d feel a small piece of me die.

After getting irritated many times over, I decided enough was enough.

So I dug DEEP into this topic, in hopes of finding a long-lasting solution.

I wanted an easy fix.

Something that people could use in the comfort of their living room...

To fight off age-related memory loss, while promoting a healthy, sharp and youthful mind.

I wanted a solution that would work for everyone.

That’s what led me on this journey.

After months of research, my team and I finally found the answer.

We Finally Discovered Why

“Brain Fog” Occurs In Seniors

It’s simple really.

The real reason you experience brain fog isn’t because of “brain shrinkage”...

...Or because you need to activate some magical “memory center” of your brain.

As crazy as it sounds, that’s what many “experts” will have you believe.

The truth is...

When it comes to age-related memory decline, there’s only one REAL cause.

Brain sludge.

When I first heard the term, I thought...

“Brain sludge?! You’ve gotta be kidding me!

There’s no way this is a real thing.”

But the more I dug into this topic, the clearer things became.

The proof was UNSETTLING.

Too much brain sludge can clog up your brain’s pores.

And if left untreated, it can cause a flurry of problems that accompany it[1].

As you’ll see in a moment, it’s a lot to take in.

The plethora of problems associated with brain sludge is far greater than I could ever imagine.

And each of those problems has an insatiable appetite for your memories.

So if you think the problem is bad now, you can bet it’s only gonna get worse.

But here’s the thing.

You don’t need to be afraid of losing your memories.

There is hope.

Through my research, I’ve uncovered what most scientists were too blind to see.

In the many months of researching this topic with my team, we’ve finally uncovered the REAL cause of brain sludge.

And to my surprise, there isn’t just one.

There are actually three.

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Brain

Creates Sludge

Here’s what it boils down to.

Brain sludge is the result of three, almost unavoidable things.

I say unavoidable because, as you’ll soon discover, our lifestyle makes it almost impossible to avoid these three things.

Have you ever wondered what makes a banana go from a vibrant, bright color...

To a rotten black one?

It’s because of a thing called oxidative stress.

In a moment I’ll show you just how detrimental it can be for your brain.

It’s For This Reason We’ve Ranked

Oxidative Stress At #3 On Our List

What does oxidative stress do to your brain over time?

The same thing it does to a banana... or an apple.

But much worse.

Unlike the oxidation in a piece of fruit, we can’t see the oxidation that occurs in our brain. But we can feel it[4].

Your brain starts slipping.

You start misplacing things...

You forget about important appointments...

And it feels like your brain is filled with clutter.

It’s as if your brain is gasping for air, but can’t quite catch its breath.

That’s what oxidative stress does to us over time.

But what exactly causes it?

An imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals[2].

Now, I don’t wanna bore you with the science.

But basically, when your body can’t produce enough of one to fight off the other... that’s when trouble erupts.

And that’s when oxidative stress takes a toll on your brain.

If you think eating foods that are rich in antioxidants can help...

Think again.

Foods like blueberries, artichokes and kale are chock-full of antioxidants.

And although healthy, they won’t do much for your brain...


Your Brain’s Built-In Security

System Is Fighting Against You

See, your brain has a security feature.

It’s a protective filter called the blood brain barrier.

And it makes sure no potential threats can penetrate it to harm your brain[3].

Which is a good thing.

Unfortunately, this filter is so rigorous, it even prevents many good nutrients from getting close to your brain.

That’s why eating blueberries, artichokes and kale is practically useless if you want to boost your brainpower.

But my team and I have found a natural compound...

A special type of plant, whose extract has the ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier...

And help you fight oxidative stress where it counts.

In your brain.

What I’m about to share with you, not only has the power to fight off oxidative stress... but it can also nourish your brain, and help you build a powerful memory, as well as a razor sharp, fog-free mind...

...Like the one you had when you were in your 20s.

If you can put an end to oxidative stress... you’re well on your way to flushing out toxic sludge from your brain’s pores.

Once you discover this secret ingredient...

Which has taken us months to uncover...

You’ll finally have the power to stimulate a rich, healthy memory.

Imagine for a moment...

You no longer have to fight your brain to remember names, addresses and phone numbers.

Instead, you can recall all these things with ease.

Imagine how confident you’ll feel after you claim back your independence.

Heck, your new-found memory could become so handy...

You may find yourself helping loved ones remember what they often forget.

In a moment, I’ll tell you all about this powerful compound and how you can test it for yourself.

But first...

Take a look at this sponge.

It’s fresh... it’s new... it can soak up water like nobody’s business... and if it were a living organism, it would be full of life.

Now take a look at this one...

It’s dry, crusty, withered and old.

It probably has a tough time soaking up water, too.

Well your brain works sort of the same way.

For the sponge, fresh water delivers fuel.

And for your brain?

You need adequate blood flow to deliver that fuel.

That’s Why Poor Blood Flow Ranks In

At #2 On Our List Of Things That

Cause Brain Sludge

Why is blood flow so important?

Because that’s how your brain gets nutrients.

Blood flow is how your brain gets fed. Once it’s fed, it can remain healthy.

The problem is...

When blood flow slows down, it allows sludge to form.

That sludge can clog your brain’s pores and slow down blood flow even further.

It Basically Slows Down How Fast

Your Brain Gets To Eat

As a result, your brain has to fight itself to get fed.

Because, not only do the nutrients have to bypass your brain’s filter — the blood brain barrier — they now have a MUCH slower time of getting there.

As you get into your 50s, your brain basically begins to starve.

And your memories start to fade.

It’s as if your brain has no choice but to eat the only food source available... your precious memories.

Imagine if the most cherished memories of your life — your wedding day... the birth of your child... the birth of your grandchild... memories that you’ve shared with great friends over time — would suddenly cease to exist?

It would be as if you never even lived.

Simply put, if you reduce blood flow, you’re starving your brain of “thinking” fuel.

That’s why I can’t wait to share this next ingredient with you.

With the two ingredients that you’ll soon discover...

You’ll have the power to reduce oxidative stress, while promoting healthy blood flow to the brain. And you’ll be able to do it all from the comfort of your living room.

I can’t wait to show you how.

But first...

What “triggers” brain sludge to form

in the first place?

Conventional medicine wants you to believe it’s a “natural” part of aging.

It’s not.

A small handful of scientists from California first discovered the root cause nearly two decades ago[5].

But if you ask your doctor about it today, he’ll probably look at you like you’re crazy.

That’s because brain sludge isn’t well known in the medical community.

Not even by the leading experts in the field.

Which explains why finding my research — which I’ll share in a moment — was so tedious and hard to do.

But, as I’m sure you’ll agree...

It was well worth the effort.

That’s why we’ve ranked this next item as...

The #1 Memory Killer

On Our List

And that killer is protein amyloid build-up.

Before we continue, I want to make something perfectly clear.

For the most part, some amyloid proteins are about as harmless as fruit flies[6].

Because they flow freely through our entire bodies.

It’s only when too many of them clump up in one spot, that you start to see problems.

Because over time, these particles can bind together, and form into what we know as brain sludge[7].

And once that sludge clogs your brain’s pores — stripping it of its nutrients — that’s when you start to lose your mental edge.

You start to forget why you entered the room.

You can’t quite remember the name of the person standing in front of you...

You start having a tough time formulating your thoughts and sentences.

It’s as if something is clogging your mind...

There is.

It’s called brain sludge.

But What Exactly Causes This

Deadly Memory Killer

And How Can You Stop It?

For years, scientists have been studying this villain, and they’ve barely scratched the surface.

They knew how detrimental it can be to your memory, but up until now, they didn’t know what caused it.

And, as you’ll see in a moment, it’s worse than we thought.

In recent studies, researchers at the Department of Neurosciences finally discovered the REAL reason behind sludge formation.

It’s a little-known enzyme called memapsin 2[27].

But what’s more shocking is reason WHY this enzyme gets created in the first place.

And that reason is stress.

Chronic stress has physical side-effects on a biomolecular level.

A study out of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine showed that stress can change the physical landscape of the brain... by speeding up the production of this memory-killing enzyme by upward of 200%[23].

That’s right.

The more you stress, the more of this memory-eating enzyme your body creates.

And it can create enough of it to wipe out HALF your memories.

And it’s especially bad for older brains.

In fact...

Anyone Born Before

Wednesday, June, 5, 1969

Is At Extreme-Risk[28]!

Pay attention, because this next part is crucial.

You see, memapsin 2 is a stress-response protein[8].

It’s a defense mechanism built into our bodies to keep us safe.

Unfortunately, in today’s day and age...

From the toxic news we see on the television...

To constantly worrying about getting our pensions cut in half...

To the processed foods we’re FORCED to buy at the supermarket...

We keep getting bombarded with stress, from all angles.

And our bodies keep pumping out this enzyme... which not only ages how we look... but has devastating consequences on our mind.

It pushes us further into age-related memory decline...

And we start to “lose it”.

But I’m here to tell you there is hope.

And you don’t have to become another victim of your circumstances.

You CAN fight off stress.

... You CAN fight off oxidation...

... You CAN fight off poor blood flow and...

... You CAN fight off the causes of brain sludge.

And it all starts with this...

This powdered extract comes from a very rare plant.

And it contains the secret to a youthful, long-lasting, memory.

It has a history of regulating brain health that experts believe dates back all the way to 4,000 B.C.

As far as I’m concerned, this unique extract is THE weapon of choice in the fight against age-related memory loss.

It’s called bacoside, and it comes from a plant known as the Bacopa monnieri[9].

Because this plant is an antioxidant, it can reduce oxidative stress[12].

And because it’s one of those rare compounds that can penetrate the blood brain barrier[13]...

This powerful ingredient can reduce oxidative stress in the brain.

It’s for this reason, many experts are convinced, that ancient scholars used this extract to maintain a sharp, clear mind, well into their twilight years.

But none of this information will ever make it to mainstream news.

And chances are, you won’t hear about this from your doctor, either.

Conventional medicine simply hasn’t caught up yet.

But know this...

In 2012, a clinical trial out of the Swinburne University of Technology revealed what scientists thought was once impossible.

While many argue there is no way to stop age-related memory decline...

This powerful compound proved the exact opposite.

Not once, but SIX separate times.

Yes, six different studies were taken into account.

And the results were astounding.

On average, this natural herb extract improved performance on 53% of age-related memory issues, in ONLY 12 weeks[10]!

The Bacopa extract boosted brainpower beyond what anyone could’ve imagined.

Pretty incredible, right?

But it doesn’t stop there.

Because along with promoting healthy brain function, this extract can also...

Supercharge Your Brainpower

In As Little As 1 Hour!

In 2014, scientists from the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology tested two groups in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. The groups included both men and women.

Group A received the real memory-boosting extract, in pill form...

While Group B received a fake pill.

Scientists tested subjects on a series of mentally demanding tasks...

Which included...

  • Memory recall
  • Multitasking
  • And even MATH

They repeated this test on three separate occasions, to rule out any flukes.

What Followed Next...

Amazes Scientists To This Day

In what can only be described as a rare marvel... scientists demonstrated this powerful extract starts working within 60 minutes of ingestion[11].

Meaning, you can EXPERIENCE results almost immediately after taking it.

It’s as if your brain gets supercharged, the moment you put this amazing compound in your mouth.

But not only that, it keeps working long after you’ve taken it.

This study proved the powerful effects of bacosides only get stronger with time.

Because two hours after swallowing this plant-based extract...

Group A continued getting SIGNIFICANTLY smarter[11]!

And because of the nature of this compound...

There were no side-effects reported throughout the entire study[11].

How incredible is that?

Imagine having mental sharpness and clarity — all day long.

You could help your grandkids with their homework... AND... have enough mental energy to play with them after.

You can enjoy a beautiful day, and go for a walk without the fear of getting lost.

Put an end to those daily blunders where your family thinks you’re losing your edge.

Imagine how great it will feel once you can hold a conversation, and tell interesting stories and facts with surgical precision.

You’ll stun people with your supercharged new brain.

And the best part?

There are no prescriptions to fill...

And no mental “exercises” to do...

Just think, this could all be yours in as little as 1 hour!

I’ll show you how to test-drive this powerful compound in the comfort of your living room, in just a moment...

But first, there’s something else you need to know.

Since oxidative stress is just one of the three major memory killers we now face...

It’s time I shed the light on the #2 memory killer — poor blood flow.

This next ingredient is something special.

To say it’s unique, would be a massive understatement.

Because it contains chemical substances unknown in other living organisms.

That’s because it comes from a tree that most experts consider to be a living fossil. Meaning, this tree can survive major extinction events.

It comes as no surprise that it’s one of the oldest tree species in the world — some living in excess of 2,500 years.

It’s called the Ginkgo biloba.

And in this living fossil is the key that unlocks your memory potential.

Because much like Bacopa monnieri, hidden within the Ginkgo’s leaves is a powerful antioxidant[14]...

One that can also penetrate the blood brain barrier[15].

But what this extract does that most don’t... is it improves blood flow in the brain[16].

If you can regulate blood flow, you can put an end to those awful “senior moments”.

What’s more, Ginkgo extract can also...

Boost Working Memory And Help

Your Brain Process Info Better And Faster

In a 2011 randomized, double-blind study from the U.K., researchers gathered a group of 50-61 year olds. They split the groups into two.

Group A got the Gingko biloba extract... while Group B got a “sugar pill”...

Both groups performed the same mentally draining tasks.

After only 14 days, the results were in.

Group A blew Group B out of the water!

Not only did they drastically improve their working memory, but they also improved their visual potential.

Meaning, they were able to see the world around them more clearly[18].

Scientists were baffled by these results.

They concluded that Ginkgo extract allowed the brain to process information more efficiently.

What this means is, if your eyesight is starting to “fade”... your eyes may not be the problem.

It could just be symptom of a slowing brain that’s unable to processes what your eyes can see.

How crazy is that?

If you think you have to accept your age-related memory decline, think again.

Because along with improving your working memory...

This extract, when combined with the following compound, is...

Scientifically Proven To Double Your

Long-Term Memory In 3 Years

Let me repeat that.

You can DOUBLE your long-term memory in 3 years.

What would your life look like if you could improve your memory, gradually, over time... until you finally DOUBLED it?

It would be like growing a second brain, wouldn’t it?

Well, a double-blind, placebo controlled study, out of the Cognitive Drug Research in the UK, proved the unimaginable.

British scientists gathered a group of 256 middle-aged volunteers...

And tested them for a period of 12 weeks.

They gave the test group a “combo” mix of two rare ingredients...

Ginkgo biloba extract... and a special form of ginseng called Panax.

After three months, the results were jaw-dropping.

The “combo” group improved their memory by a whopping 7.5%, in only 12 weeks[19].

Just think...

If you could maintain that level of increase over the course of a year...

You would boost your memory by one-third.

And if this special “combo” continues to deliver results in the long run, like it did in this study...

You could literally double your memory in three years.

That’s like growing a second brain.

Amazing, right?

And Boy Is It Safe...

In 2008, more than 3,000 elderly people enrolled to prove — once and for all — the effects of this remarkable compound on age-related memory loss.

To this day, it was the largest Ginkgo biloba study on the planet.

For nearly 6 years, researchers followed each subject...

And during that time, they COULDN’T find a single significant side effect[17].

Which makes you wonder...

Why does Ginkgo biloba get such a bad rep?

Well, after doing some detective work — because I wanted to make sure each ingredient I showed you today was 100% safe — can you guess how many bad studies we discovered?


That’s right, we couldn’t find a single bad study tied to Ginkgo.

Except for one.

A study that was tested on poor, defenseless, mice.

In my opinion, these animal studies should be banned. But this study revealed that Ginkgo is bad for small mice [20].

It pains me that this is where the bad press comes from.

See, Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about natural alternatives like Ginkgo.

Since these ingredients are natural, they can’t be patented and profited from.

And this puts a roadblock on Big Pharma’s hidden regime.

Since they can’t stop you from buying Ginkgo directly, they manipulate your opinion of it.

See, by flooding you with misinformation and irrelevant mouse studies, they can persuade you to stop buying these ingredients.

But here’s the thing.

Study after study proved, Ginkgo is perfectly safe for humans[17].

Which means...

You can promote a healthy, youthful memory, like the one you had in your 20s.

Imagine having the brainpower to read an entire book in one sitting.

And imagine being able to recall interesting tidbits from that book, weeks, months, and even years down the line.

People would hang on your every word in conversation.

You would become the most interesting person anywhere you go.

You wouldn’t even need a notepad or a checklist to remind you of things.

You’d remember every appointment, phone number and name, with great detail, for as long as you live.

All the info would be etched into your brain, ready to draw upon at a moment’s notice.

With the help of Bacopa monnieri... and...Ginkgo leaf extract, this could become your reality.

In a moment, I’ll tell you how you can take advantage of these powerful compounds from the comfort of your living room.

But first, there’s one last thing I’d like to share with you.

The Proven Way Of

Removing Brain Sludge

Once And For All

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about ways to reduce oxidative stress in your brain... and I’ve spent an equal amount of time talking about how to promote healthy blood flow in the brain...

But there’s one last thing I haven’t discussed.

Do you remember the #1 cause of all age-related memory loss?

Pore-clogging brain sludge.

And do you remember what the root cause of brain sludge is?

That stress-response protein[8].

Well, my most recent discovery is a VERY special ingredient that’s proven to eliminate brain sludge, once and for all.

Oddly enough, most of the Western medical world doesn’t even know it exists.

So don’t be surprised if your doctor gives you a blank stare when you ask about...


withania somnifera (pronounced, with-ann-ya some-nif-ra), or ashwagandha, as it’s more commonly known.

This remarkable memory-boosting plant has been used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine for over 5,000 years[24].

But it wasn’t up until recently that the Western side of the world saw its true power.

And once it did, the results sent shockwaves throughout the medical industry.

In a 2012 study from the National Brain Research Centre, scientists put ashwagandha to the test.

For 30 days, a group of middle-aged subjects ingested a small dose of this powerful compound.

The natural herb did the unthinkable.

After making its way into the bloodstream... and after penetrating the blood brain barrier... it began to clean out all that built-up brain gunk.

Scientists were SHOCKED to discover that ashwagandha was able to — on averagereduce brain sludge by 61% for each subject... in only 30 days[25].

The Ashwagandha is like hiring a team of power washers to cleanse your brain... and set up a force-field that prevents sludge from forming again[26].

How incredible is that?

It gets even better.

Because, not only is this remarkable compound able to reduce built-up brain sludge once it’s formed...

It can also...

Defeat Brain Sludge

At Its Core

Earlier I mentioned how chronic stress was the main reason why your body produces that stress-protein.


A 2013 study from the Department of Neuropsychiatry and Geriatric Psychiatry showcased ashwagandha’s calming abilities.

After testing 64 subjects, over a period of 45 days, scientists were baffled to learn that this natural herb can lower stress[21].

Just how does it do that?

By reducing cortisol — the stress hormone”.

All subjects who used this powerful compound were able to reduce their stress levels by a substantial margin, all across the board.

By reducing stress, this ancient plant fights off brain sludge at the source.

...Long before it has a chance to develop into the nasty gunk that can clog your brain’s pores.

How crazy is that?

And much like the previous ingredients I’ve mentioned, there are virtually no side-effects[21].

No matter what type of stress life throws at you, ashwagandha can help you manage it.

And if you can manage stress, you can take back control of your brain’s steering wheel, and reclaim your life.

Your brain doesn’t have to age twice as fast as your body.

Which means, you can start enjoying life again.

Imagine waking up tomorrow with a clear mind.

Every thought that enters your head will have purpose.

Imagine never having to worry about entering a room, and forgetting why you’re there. Instead, every little detail you’ve picked up is embedded into your head.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve read an interesting fact, or watched a neat documentary last week... last month... or last year...

Every detail is as clear as the day you first witnessed it.

Imagine being at a family function, and having the spotlight on you, as the center of attention.

Instead of being tucked away in the corner, unable to keep up with the conversation, you’re LEADING the pack.

Your friends and family will soon wonder how you’ve gotten so sharp all of the sudden.

Imagine having the ability to read a book, cover to cover, in one sitting... and having enough brainpower to retell interesting facts, months later.

Who knows where your next adventure will take you?

If you’re ready to embark on this journey to a fresh, new you...

I Have Some Incredible

News For You Today

As I’ve said before, my name is Dr. Donna Schwontkowski.

I’ve been a health professional for over 25 years, helping thousands of everyday folks, just like you.

For the last eight months, our team has been working hard to bring forth a powerful memory boosting formula...

That can fight off age-related memory loss... and promote a healthy, youthful mind.

Unlike most memory-boosters whose effects wear off quickly...

I wanted to create something that would continue to give you a mental edge now... and for the rest of your life — improving gradually over time.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to that formula...

Introducing ncapsulate® LumiMind PRO+

24 Ingredients To Feed Your Mind

Along with the perfect dose of Bacopa monnierithe ancient herb proven to fight against oxidative stress...

The marvelous ashwagandha which acts as a pressure washer that fights off nasty brain sludge...

Ginkgo biloba extract the natural herb that promotes healthy blood flow in the brain...

AND that rare Panax ginsengwhich, when combined with Ginkgo, is proven to boost memory by nearly 3% each month[19]...

Our latest formula, ncapsulate® LumiMind PRO+ is a powerhouse of 20 additional ingredients that feed your mind.

Collectively, these ingredients work in perfect harmony to supercharge cognitive function and deliver a powerful boost to your memory — and make you feel like you’re in your prime.

Each bottle is manufactured in the UK, in U.S. FDA registered facilities, under current Good Manufacturing Practice and ISO 90001 standards.

It’s how we ensure the utmost quality of our products.

As an added bonus... because you’re watching this presentation right now...

I’m About To Give You

A Deal That Might Sound

Too Good To Be True

Originally, we wanted to price this formula at $145 a bottle.

Which would’ve been a steal considering the amount of time and effort it took us to bring it to you today AND the superior benefits you will obtain from it.

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