About ncapsulate®

About our company

We are one of the handful of companies that manufacture their supplements in a U.S. FDA-registered facility under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 9001 standards for quality control and traceability. In plain English, this ensures safety, high quality and that every ingredient you see on any one of our labels is, in fact, in that very bottle.

Our team of researchers is on the constant lookout for new and cutting-edge breakthroughs — natural and exotic ingredients that help promote and sustain optimal health. Unlike most high street products, our supplements are concentrated and unique, continually being refined in line with latest nutritional findings and consumer needs.

Like many of our customers, you too may start to feel as if you’re aging in reverse the moment you try any one of our proprietary blends. It’s one of the main reasons customers love our products.

Dr. Donna Schwontkowski

One of the most trusted names in the industry, Dr. Donna Schwontkowski has been a physician for over 25 years and holds multiple degrees, including a doctorate in chiropractic medicine, a master’s in nutrition, a bachelor’s in human biology, and a master’s in herbology.

She’s also a published author who’s written 4 best-sellers, including a title called, “Million Dollar Memory for Names & Faces.” It’s no wonder she’s been recognized as one of America’s leading memory experts, for over two decades.

During her 25-year career, she’s recognized 17 ingredients that can boost memory, safely and naturally. ncapsulate® offers this unique blend of 17 powerful memory-boosting ingredients — in a single product.

What’s more, the original formula has been perfected into the powerful 24-ingredient blend you see today: ncapsulate® LumiMind PRO+.

Introducing ncapsulate® LumiMind PRO+
24 Ingredients To Feed Your Mind

LumiMind PRO

ncapsulate® LumiMind PRO+ is a powerhouse of 24 safe, natural ingredients that feed your mind. LumiMind PRO+ is non-habit forming and made in the UK — in U.S. FDA registered facilities, under current Good Manufacturing Practice and ISO 9001 standards. It’s how we ensure the utmost quality of this product.

ncapsulate®️ LumiMind PRO+ is for anyone who’s noticing their memory slowly fading away. If you find yourself forgetting the names of people who you haven’t seen in a while — if their name is on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t quite remember it — or if you’re forgetting important dates and addresses, or if you’re misplacing your keys more than you’d like, then ncapsulate®️ LumiMind PRO+ is right for you.

How is ncapsulate®️ LumiMind PRO+ different from other memory boosters? 

What separates ncapsulate®️ LumiMind PRO+, aside from the level of care we put into each bottle, is that it targets the real source of the problem — a substance known as brain sludge.

It sounds like science-fiction, but it’s not.

Over time, excess waste particles form inside your body, creating a sludge-like paste[2][3]. This substance gets trapped in the pores of your brain, suffocating it. The result? You experience brain fog and the loss of cherished memories that you’ve created over time.

What ncapsulate®️ LumiMind PRO+ does is it gives your brain a deep clean, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. It goes to the source, stripping away the pore-clogging sludge, allowing your brain to finally breathe[1]. This helps preserve your precious memories in the process. It’s the closest thing to reversing age-related memory loss — giving you a mind as sharp and focused as it could be, such that you may think your mind is aging in reverse.

Our Guarantee

ncapsulate®️ LumiMind PRO+ comes with an industry-leading 180-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

Here’s how it works. Try ncapsulate®️ LumiMind PRO+ for the next 180 days. And if you don’t notice a significant boost in your memory, if you don’t feel a sharper mental clarity, and if you don’t absolutely love what it does for your brain, simply email our 24-hour “reply back” customer support team, and we will refund every penny of your purchase. You don’t even have to return the empty bottle.

We’re confident that if you give this formula an honest try, you’re going to absolutely love it. That’s why we’re offering our industry-leading 180-day unconditional money-back guarantee. A guarantee that no other ethical supplement company on the planet can match.

We truly wish you take us up on this offer.

Simply click any of the options you see below. You’ll be taken to a secure order form. From there, simply tell us where to ship your supply of ncapsulate®️ LumiMind PRO+, enter your credit card details, and we’ll handle the rest.

Remember, since you’re backed by our 180-day unconditional 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. So choose any of our options below that’s best for you.